Inauguration Swerim hydrogen gas plant

To the left Nils-Olof Lindfors, regional council executive member for Norrbotten, Swerim’s CEO Pontus Sjöberg and Norrbotten’s Governor Björn O. Nilsson at the inauguration. To the right the heart of the hydrogen plant – the electrolyser. Images: Swerim.

Governor Björn O. Nilsson, Swerim’s CEO Pontus Sjöberg and the regional council executive member Nils-Olof Lindfors have inaugurated Swerim’s new hydrogen plant in Luleå, Sweden.

The plant will be important for the Swedish Hydrogen Development Center (SHDC) platform.

The electrolyser provides the prerequisites for research on hydrogen as an energy form and important steps towards a fossil-free industry.

“The plant is a very important equipment for further development of research infrastructure within SHDC. It enables cost-effective development of a flexible and neutral platform for pilot testing of not only alkaline electrolysis but also opens up for tests with other more or less mature electrolysis technologies”, says Anna-Karin Jannasch, project coordinator for SHDC.

The hydrogen plant is an investment of 12 million SEK. It enables testing of various applications for the industry in Swerim’s test and demo halls.

On October 15, the plant was declared open.

However, it takes a few weeks before it is used in sharp mode – and then it is not for SHDC’s behalf but for the project FResMe (From Residual Steel Gases to Methanol), a EU-funded project to convert blast furnace gases from the steel industry to methanol. The methanol will then be used within the project to power a ferry owned by Stena.

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